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Two Stews

Yacht Detailing & Silver Service

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Hailing from all across the globe, we are a sprightly network of freelance Superyacht Chief Stewardesses who pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards all the way down to the smallest yachts. Some think we're a little weird - we have major OCD; we see and clean the unmentionable whilst smiling and the rumour of a long forgotten air-handler rediscovered, leaves us frothing at the mouth - but we'd like to think that we've just found our calling. 

Two Stews particularly aims to address yachts and estates that have specific housekeeping and service goals which need to be achieved in a short period of time by professionals with extensive experience and impeccable standards, at typical day rates per person. We typically work in pairs, providing a level of accountability, natural competition, safety and reassured standards for our team, captains and owners. We cater to the vessels and addresses from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach and can work unattended, out of hours and on weekends. Ad lib and service packages are offered. References are available on request.

Meet The Team

Courtney Headshot.jpg
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Courtney’s 10 years in luxury hospitality is varied enough to warrant story telling on 20 blogs. Luckily, we have restrained her to just ours. From Safari lodges and Antarctic expeditions to Superyachts, Courtney specialises in delivering entirely unique experiences in the most unexpected places. Outside of work, you're likely to find her befriending absolutely everyone who owns a furry pet and also anyone who doesn’t.  

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With a dog named Bosun, we knew Amy meant business. The appointed Queen of Logistics, Amy has mastered the art of managing multiple assets and crews. An avid sailor herself, no feat has ever been too great a challenge, leading her into multifaceted superyacht programmes. And best you look busy, Amy also enjoys to exercise with company.

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Hailing from Maine, luxury travel - in every sense - is Erin's forte. From fast cars, to sail boats, to super yachts to now being on the cusp of gaining her pilots licence, Erin is not your average Chief Stewardess. She also comes with enough enthusiasm to power a small army.

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