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Courtney Dalziel

Ensuring the highest level of service and housekeeping in the most remote parts of the world is second nature to Courtney. Having worked extensively in luxury hospitality from managing safaris lodges in South Africa, ecolodges in Antarctica to finally, becoming a Chief Stewardess in Superyachting, her zest for travel and adventure has now landed her in the States.

After 4 years in her role as Chief Stewardess, founding Two Stews was not a huge surprise for those that know Courtney. As a social butterfly and busy-body, Courtney continually seeks challenges and opportunities to learn and stay current. With a Master's degree in Sustainable Development, efficiency is not just a personality trait for this young lady but also an evolving pursuit. 

Courtney is currently employed full-time for a wonderful private family but manages Two Stews in her free time. 

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