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Becoming Dog's Best Friend

Boat dogs go one of two ways - 1) they truly are man (and stew's) best friend and can turn any bad day better or 2) they are the spawn of Satan. Annoyingly, regardless of which of the two classes your onboard fur ball falls under, you have to treat them as the million dollar net worth individual they probably are. With fluffy companions becoming more regular on the water, we put together some ideas for how to make you the ultimate favourite crew member and touch the hearts of their doting owners.

Snack Stations

Whilst this can be tricky (as half of the salty canine population are on stricter diets than their owners) all good boys deserve a treat here and there. A variety of shapes and textures provides an attractive aesthetic on a plate or in jars. Dental treats, Rawhide chews and biscuits are a great start and if your chef is willing to get involved in going the extra mile - homemade biscuits with custom imprinted names always go down like a homesick mole. In a hot, humid environment? Frozen paw treats are an easy and super fun go to! - Be sure to avoid recipes that include anything oily and be sure to present them away from any carpets. Frozen raw eggs are by far the easiest option and are loved by all species.

Toy Parties

The more toys = the more play time for the both of us. At least that's how I see it. And whilst variety is great, for short term stays it's not always a feasible option, so picking the perfect toy is key. I recently came across some toys on Amazon that I thought would tickle pink both owners and dogs alike by matching toys to drink preferences. Celebrating something? Achieve pro status by serving up a tray of toy bubbles to match what the guests are being served.

Custom Leashes and Collars

This is a fantastic option for guest swag on charter yachts for those bringing their four-legged friends with them. Handmade with love and all the attention to detail that we as Stews naturally require, Kate and Ella are a handmade brand based in New York. Katie, a former Chief Stew herself, started the business to business to get her pup Ella through hospital and with such brilliant designs, it's hard not to see why her products have been so successful. Custom orders can be made through their instagram account @kateandella_nyc and take approximately a week from order to delivery.


Do you have a checklist of all the equipment you need on board to host a dog? Just like all things yachting, lists are pertinent to being perfectly prepared. If you don't have one, don't fret, we've put one together for you! Just sign up here to receive access to this and many more templates and free resources in our resources link.

We'd love to hear your ideas or if you tried one of ours! Please leave your suggestions and feedback in the comments below! Happy sailing!

Much love,

Court x

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